Profesionalna Energijska Celovita Asistenca


P.E.C.A. meditations

Guided P.E.C.A. meditations are held every Thursday, at the premises... Read more

P.E.C.A. program

P.E.C.A. program is consciously designed to raise man’s self... Read more

The story of Peca

Every folk tale has its purpose, and a lesson which has been spread far and wide by the people since the dawn of time. Every folk tale speaks of a hero who finds strength in his inner light and love to conquer the evil of the dark in this world.

The story of P.E.C.A. unites the legend and the reality of the present time. It uses the sound and the light as a source of the universal awareness to reflect them onto the world of darkness where the honor of values is in steep decline.


Here you can find additional and more extensive information about the work and services of P.E.C.A. INTERNATIONAL.

Research, scientific articles, educational television shows and other materials were created throughout more than 20 years of studying the human energy system.

This is the subject of research of energy quantum medicine. As a complementary medicine it represents support branch to the mainstream medicine. It studies the electromagnetic fields of aura and body, and provides for a correct flow of energy through the entire energy system.